Long Term Capital Improvement Plan

“We are more than a building; we’re a positive community force.”
Skyline Grange Values Statement

Why a Long-Term Capital Improvement Plan?

Skyline Grange membership regards our building as vital to the well-being of our community. We see it much more than a fraternal hall for Grange members; it is the meeting place for the Skyline Ridge community, a place where residents can connect locally to become informed and engaged in activities that promote community resilience, well-being and good land stewardship.  It is the only place for local residents to gather other than Skyline School which has many restrictions and regulations on use due to its primary function.  It is the connecting that is most important, not the green paint.  But for residents to connect and to participate, our building should be accessible, safe, and functional.  Over the years members of Skyline Grange have taken steps (some small, some larger) toward providing a more welcoming atmosphere: new windows, acoustic panels, new flooring, new interior paint. Those steps required planning and funding. Towards that end, our Capital Improvement Committee used the downtime the pandemic afforded us to develop a long-term capital improvement plan.  Community input and a need for increased accessibility, safety, inclusivity, functionality, and requirements of modern living drove the development of this plan.  This Plan was adopted by Skyline Grange Members on November 8, 2021.  

Long-Term Capital Improvement Plan



  • Replace window over the north stairwell
  • Replace window in north storage room
  • Install new outward opening front doors 
  • Get a topographical survey required for all later phases


  • Windows ordered. Installation scheduled in spring 2022.  
  • Survey scheduled for February 9, 2022
  • Funded fully through Grange general funds


Purposes (structural, functional, and safety factors) 

  • Replace deteriorating porous north wall on the lower level
  • Establish an effective drainage system diverting water away from the building
  • Improve safety and utility of existing north stairwell 
  • Incorporate provisions for a future covered porch 


  • An agreement has been signed with a local structural engineering firm. Analysis and design work are in progress but final plans await survey information.
  • We hope to be shovel ready by summer/fall 2022.



  • Install the long-requested ADA restroom on main level
  • Install a second exit from main level which includes an ADA-approved ramp leading from the new door to the driveway/parking lot
  • Construct a 2-story addition on south side to accommodate safer stairs and to recapture vital space eliminated by the new restroom
  • Install a means for people with physical challenges to safely access lower level; either the installation of an ADA-approved lift or construction of an ADA-approved pathway (yet to be determined & funded)


  • We are in the planning process. Construction should start in the dry months of 2023.
  • We are receiving a $155,000 grant from the Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Funds (CSFRF). We thank Representative Brad Witt for encouraging us to apply.  


Our list of future projects

  • Covered Porch Project
  • Resurface floor on lower level
  • Resurface floor of restrooms on lower level
  • Commercial dishwasher
  • New roof
  • Solar panels
  • Internet
  • Paint exterior 
  • Commercial kitchen


  • No funding currently.  
  • After the first 3 phases are completed, we will again build up our savings, assess priorities and as funding allows, start one of the above projects.

Capital Improvement Committee Members for 2021&2022 are Rachael Brake, John Driscoll, Jerralynn Ness, Grant Rolette, John Rueter, Bernie Thurber, Sen Speroff, George Sowder, and Tracy Water.