Skyline Grange Artisans

The Skyline Grange Artisans is a group of artists from the rural northwest Skyline community. Our goals are to further the appreciation of locally handmade arts and crafts, and to bring neighbors and the public to the Grange to meet the artisans and view their wares.

Since 2011, the group has presented their annual Holiday Arts Fair, a showcase of local arts and crafts held at the Skyline Grange in November. A wide variety of locally handmade items are on display, including jewelry, accessories, pottery, glass, journals, home décor, paintings, woodworks, essential oils, fiber arts, yard art, handmade preserves, dog toys, quilts, and goats milk soap.

Announcements of upcoming events will be posted here and also on the SRN Skyline Newsline and Skyline Ridge Runner. For more information, please write to the SGA Committee via the Contact page.

Skyline Grange Artisan Vendors

Though our annual Artisan Holiday Fair again is cancelled due to the pandemic, we can provide contact information for some previous vendors if you wish to contact them, support our local artisans, and to
buy locally. We hope to see you at the Skyline Grange Artisan Holiday Fair in November 2022.


RCMB Ceramics
Artisan: Rachael Brake
Text: 503-201-6740
Description: A variety of hand-built ceramic pieces from plates, cups, dishes, butter dishes and spoon rests to vases, wall sconces, planters and luminaries. Every piece is unique. Lots of textures and colors.

Pincus Pottery Studio
Artisan: Ken Pincus
Text: 503-467-8779
Description:  My pottery work is mainly functional, consisting of ware for daily use and vases & containers for ikebana flower display. The studio and kilns are just steps from our house, and I welcome
visitors by appointment.


Oregon Heartwood
Artisans: Miles Merwin, Libby Hise Merwin, Grant Rolette, Scott Hayes, & Tim West
Phone: 503-621-9867
Oregon Heartwood is a collaboration of four local craftspeople who make one-of-a-kind pieces from native woods, including aromatherapy diffusers, boxes, bowls, platters, jewelry holders, candles, sculpture, and also essential oils.

Tim’s Woodworking 
Artisan: Tim West
Description: I have primarily turned wooden bowls, closed form vessels, tool handles, pens, and vases, lately started making finger-jointed boxes. I mainly use wood that has been scavenged from storms or tree thinnings.


animalia! Handmade Originals
Artist: Nancy Hamer (Linnton)
Phone: 503-286-7752
Description: Handmade original design one of a kind animal dolls, insects & slugs, fairy folk, trolls, witches, & coloring books featuring animalia! creatures & a humorous story to read whilst coloring.


Artisan: Sue Selbie
Text: 832-212-2021
Primary Offering: multi-layer paper cuts and handmade journals
Description: I make a wide range of multi-layer paper cuts from delicate holiday ornaments and cards, to framed scenes inspired by the PNW.


Artisan: Nova Platt
Phone: (503) 840-8339
Description: Crystal and gemstone jewelry with delicate designs made with love by someone born and raised in the Skyline community.