Skyline Grange Artisans

The Skyline Grange Artisans is a group of artists from the rural northwest Skyline community. Our goals are to further the appreciation of locally handmade arts and crafts, and to bring neighbors and the public to the Grange to meet the artisans and view their wares.

Since 2011, the group has presented their annual Holiday Arts Fair, a showcase of local arts and crafts held at the Skyline Grange in November. A wide variety of locally handmade items are on display, including jewelry, accessories, pottery, glass, journals, home décor, paintings, woodworks, essential oils, fiber arts, yard art, handmade preserves, dog toys, quilts, and goats milk soap.

Announcements of upcoming events will be posted here and also on the SRN Skyline Newsline and Skyline Ridge Runner. For more information, please write to the SGA Committee via the Contact page.