Oregon has over 160 Granges that serve their communities. Membership is inclusive; you can apply for membership regardless of your religious beliefs, political leanings, age or sex. Because of this diverse membership, each Grange has its own unique characteristics. Our Grange is a good fit for those interested in engaging in activities that support our local community and advocate for the well-being and resilience of our community. We are a friendly, nonpartisan, nonsectarian group.

Skyline Grange follows the rules of the IRS required for 501c(10) fraternal organizations and the bylaws of the National Grange and Oregon State Grange. If you have interest in joining our Grange or just learning more about it, you can volunteer for a Grange activity, attend any meeting, talk to any member, or read about us on our website. If you know a Skyline Grange member, ask if they would sponsor you. If you don’t know one, we can connect you with one. Fill out the application and send it in along with your check. New members are voted on usually at the next regular meeting. Full membership requirements include attendance at a meeting.

Come join us today! We are a hard-working group with numerous activities to choose from to be involved. Click to DOWNLOAD a Membership Application.