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Capital Improvements

Spring, 2018:  New flooring and window shades.

January, 2018:  New windows!

February, 2018:   Installation of ceiling and wall acoustic panels in Pauly Hall.

Summer, 2013:  New septic drainfield and fence.

Fence Christining 2015

Car Incident (Dec 2016)

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Burma-Shave was an American brand of brushless shaving cream, famous for its advertising gimmick of posting humorous rhyming poems on small sequential highway roadside signs. – Wikipedia

“Burma-Shave” Inspired Roadside Signs

“Rural Roads/Very Bendy/ Accidents/ Very Spendy.” This jingle is one of nineteen posted by Skyline Grange along our local roads. Our major thoroughfare, Cornelius Pass Road, carrying 14,000 vehicles a day was completely closed for improvements for 4 months in 2019. Remembering the old Burma Shave roadside signs of the last century and their humorous reminders to drive safely, Skyline Grange devised a unique community service project.

We asked the community to submit Burma-Shave type jingles addressing traffic concerns. They had to be constructive, hopefully with humor, and not too dark. We received 55 submissions. After a bit of tweaking and condensing, we chose 19 jingles. They encouraged carpooling, use of ashtrays, and mindful driving; and they discouraged speeding, tailgating, littering, and drinking. The price of signage
made professionally was too prohibitive, so Grange members studied the art of sign making, designed a sign-making process that hopefully wouldn’t look too amateurish, and within our budget. Luckily labor was cheap and committed to this project. 12 Grangers and 3 community volunteers industriously worked for 7 days to produce 93 signs. We hoped these signs brought a little humor and a gentle reminder to drivers that our roads are county roads, not freeways and we all have to drive with caution, courtesy, and care.

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